Offline Maps

Offline Maps

After talking to customers at several events over last few months, we kept getting a firm message regarding offline maps… basically they want custom offline maps due to network issues and the fact that they have existing designs already and wanted them integrated on their app.

We did some research and talked to a few map designers and we have developed a way to create custom map tiles and then swap out our traditional Google maps and enable our apps to work fully offline!

We can integrate MBtiles directly onto our platform and these will synch with our apps! This popular file format can be exported form many popular GIS  products such as Mapbox and Tilemill both of which can be styled using CartoCSS.

We can also still overlay data such as GPX routing files and custom images and other overlays. We also integrated a way to allow our event data to be fully downloaded and cached locally not he app, but also sync when back on wifi network.

So, if you already have custom maps in PDF, or you want us to design you relevant maps that have a look and feel for your project, we can do it!

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