User Insights

User Insights

Public parks and spaces get many visitors from many backgrounds throughout the year. Ireland alone had 10.3 million visitors (Tourism Ireland 2016), of which 46% of these were on holiday. i.e. 416,000 visitors. This section of the visitor spectrum will have had time to go sight-seeing around Ireland, and many will be using traditional maps. Most of the locations that are visited have no way to log visitor statistics other than basic counts if it is a ticketed event. Locations visited, times spend there, dates visited and the actual personas of the visitors are mostly lost. The data lost can be useful to the strategic planning and analysis for tourism based organisations.

Decision makers and planners could benefit from data that can be automatically harvested from an app without the app impacting on the visitor experience, i.e. the visitor is not expected to fill out a survey. So what kind of data can our platform get? Below is a sample of the data that the Eventro platform can passively gather provided the visitor has given permission for their Location to be used for monitoring purposes.

  • Sites visited
  • Dates visited
  • Dwell times
  • Nationalities, currency, gender, age and other statistics (Via Facebook)

Generating a persona

We can tell that Silence is from France, female, downloaded and started using our app on June 4th 2017, logged in with facebook and visited 5 locations in Belfast and stayed at the Titanic Dry Dock for 15 mins on June 6th 2017 before proceeding to the next location on our trail. Understanding the user journey helps to build up a picture of an individual’s behaviour.

Overall we can get the total tourism statistics per location and even measure the average dwell times. Lots of data can be generated using the Location and Date/time alone. Reports can help decisions makers analyse their investments, at both pre and post stages and better understand their strategic directions.



Currently we have basic reporting in Microsoft Excel CSV format, but we hope to develop a realtime dashboard that will have live updates so we can see patterns change and visualise them in realtime.

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